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Simple Steps to Revitilize your Health

, by Paul Wood


Perhaps you have wandered through a health shop looking for a potion to give you a bit of a boost or have done some kind of a detox to invigorate your health. While all that may be good we know that its power would have an effect only as far as we are willing to do it. However, what happens mean while? We feel sluggish and tired. How about simple steps you can incorporate into every day life to be at your best. Buckle up here we go!

1. Eat nutritiously. Yes, a diet rich in antioxidants and fibre does not only protect cells against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, ageing, but it also gives you more energy. Cornucopia of health-promoting phytochemicals found in whole plant-based foods, especially the richly coloured ones, have the ability to fight off free-radicals.

2. Move dynamically. Maintaining an appropriate level of fitness does more than tone muscle and help maintain a healthy body weight. Without exercise the mind becomes sluggish. On the other hand, regular exercise freshness the mind, improves your sense of well-being and lowers your blood pressure and blood lipids.

3. Manage stress effectively. Healthy doze of stress can be stimulating, but constant stress can
wear one’s sense of well-being and drain your energy. In fact, negative thoughts alone can create stress on the body which can make your tired.

4. Take time to rest. Recognising your limits and letting pressure of meeting deadlines and expectations of others can help you avoid fatigue. In order to do that have regular and sufficient sleep. Also enjoy weekly rest and renewal including some time for re-creation.

5. Hydrate. Feeling thirsty is already a sign of dehydration which can impair a number of important aspects of cognitive function such as concentration, alertness, and short term memory. Water restriction is also associated with headache, tiredness, attention and coordination. On the other hand hydration helps fight fatigue and promotes mental alertness.

6. Develop healthy relationships. People with trustworthy friends and close family ties are less likely to become ill and they experience better recovery when sick. Having intentional meaningful relationships can energise a person in their daily routine.

7. Nurture your spiritual well-being. Regular Bible study will challenge the mind. Seeing the working of God in history builds confidence. A dynamic prayer life and helping those in need will energise a person.

8. Have a daily routine. An irregular lifestyle can cause one to experience a loss of mental acuity, irritability, poor concentration, and delayed reaction times as if experiencing jet lad. On the other hand, a regular schedule keeps you fresh and alert.

9. Be proactive in preventing disease. Take personal responsibility for your health care. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of medicine. It’s never too early to start having a consistent healthy lifestyle. Additionally, have regular medical and dental checkups. You will feel so much better when you are in control of your health.

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